John Kelley

Senior Advisor

Dick Rumpf

Senior Advisor

Grant Begley

UAS Global Strategy & Competitive Positioning

James Boyle

Program Manager

Whitney Brooks

Career Professional Placement

Angela Ward Costello

Communications & Digital Media

Frank Crilley

USMC Programs

Dr. Thomas Curtin

Science Advisor

Jason Haines

Stability Operations

& Special Warfare  

Art Kleiner

Certified Hydrographer

Unmanned Maritime Vehicle Advisor

Jeff Lemasters

SUAS Training

Pete McNall

Law Enforcement Aviation

Bernard Rees

Radar Systems

Angela Roussillon

Program Management

Donald L. Shinnamon,Sr

Unmanned Aircraft New Market Development

Paul Siebert

Public Safety

Karen Ulferts

Software Engineering

William Vaught

Capture and Proposal Management, Planning

Jerry Wright

Air Force Programs

Nexutech Associates

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