James Boyle

        Program Manager

Jim has held numerous leadership roles with both fixed price development in addition to fixed price production contracts.  His experience with requirements based early demonstration of requirements, enabled customers to obtain performance results which exceeded the performance objectives.  His thorough understanding of capability and capacity planning were basis for the business space utilization improvement project with double digit impact. He has experience in assessment of both Technology Readiness Level (TRL)and Manufacturing Readiness Levels (MRL) of potential team members.  Jim’s focus on the customer’s perception of risk, and asking the customer for lessons learned before acquisition window closes has delivered both competitive wins and numerous cost savings by all parties

Jim has leveraged lessons learned including application of earned value for internal capital projects enabled the business to see where the investment money was directly tied to capabilities and sales. Additionally, his sharing of lessons learned about Capital Investments is appreciated by clients who are more tactically focused.

Jim’s experiences with major aerospace and defense contractors includes the transfer of technology and offset management for countries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. This has been key to understanding how to work with the Government and Contractors for full compliance, and no surprises.  The documentation of Intellectual Property (IP), accounting for the source of funding and the application of the IP has been an area that many clients have leveraged. His active duty and reserve experiences included enlisted time as an aviation electronics technician at the squadron and intermediate levels of maintenance and competitively selected for direct commissioned Navy Intelligence Officer.

His work with Mentor Protégé programs started in 1990 and has continued.  Jim understands the challenges of small business and the impact that the Protégé program has for the growth of the small business.

Jim has been active with the Pathfinder Association of Unmanned Systems International (AUVSI) Board of Directors in Huntsville helping to establish the Classified Emerging Threat Briefings as a new venue for both Government and Industry dialog.  In addition, his work with the US Space & Rocket Center & Pathfinder AUVSI Chapter to create a new outdoor safe netted space for hobbyist, industry and government will be on line during Q2 2017.