Jason W. Haines

Lt Commander, United States Navy (Retired)

Stability Operations & Special Warfare, Nexutech

A native of California, and prior enlisted Sailor in the Advanced Electrical Programs, Mr. Haines earned a BS degree in Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy with disciplines in Ocean, Systems & Aeronautics.   He was the first-ever Brigade Sargent Major of the Naval Academy.  His advanced education includes the Defense Acquisition University, USAF Special Operations University (now JSOU), the Army Command and General Staff College, and Program Management Institute.

Mr. Haines has more than 24 years’ experience in unmanned systems, acquisition program management, joint and naval operations.  His active duty Navy experience includes managing the Operations, Training & Readiness for MH-60S during Fleet Introduction, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) programs for Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, Co-Author of the JCS JUAS CONOPs (and SOF Annexes).   As Director of International UAS Integration and Airspace Operations, commanded over 100 aerial systems, 140 flight crews, 6000 Class A mishap-free sorties on four continents supporting humanitarian, disaster, security & testing.   Mr. Haines was qualified Navy Diver, Parachutist, Submariner, and Unrestricted Naval Aviator (Fixed & Rotary  Wing).

In December 2012, he retired from active duty after sustained combat injuries and has served as an Associate and Consultant with Nexutech on several projects and is publicly active in moderation panels and speaking engagements for AUVSI and ISOA with Universities and Industry Seminars on the Integration of Unmanned Systems in Stability Operations.

As a volunteer, he serves the State of Virginia as the AUVSI STEM Coordinator with the Hampton Roads Chapter.


Moderator / Speaker Bio:  Mr Jason Haines, Nexus Technology Services